Good Monday Morning: February 27, 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Monday morning greeting.

I’d like to say it’s because I have been busy.

But in reality, I’ve been home nearly every day for three months.

I was sidelined in November with back pain. I went through tests and physical therapy and seemed to be doing well.

Then I tried to go back to work and couldn’t.

Pain continued and I saw a pain specialist. I got a nerve block injection and it seems to be holding up. If I don’t bend or twist or pick up anything heavy, I don’t have pain. If I overdo it with walking or sitting too long, I do start to get some achiness. I can’t pedal without pain so I haven’t been exercising. This week I’m going to start walking on the treadmill that my kids bought a few months ago. It sits in my living room so it’s really convenient.

I admit I am not that motivated, and that needs to change. I’ve also been eating more and snacking between meals since I’m home all day and I’ve put on weight. After working so hard to lose it and get in shape a couple of years ago, I got discouraged with myself and disappointed.

When I am discouraged or disappointed, then it is a vicious cycle. I feel too down to get up and do anything to change my circumstances. In turn, my situation gets worse because I’m not motivated to change.

That is where the power of the Holy Spirit can step in and remind me of who I am in Christ. God is never disappointed in me. His Word encourages me to grow in Christ and in knowledge. I’ve spent many hours in Bible study each week as I prepare lessons for children’s church.

Music has been my mainstay during this season of my life. Some great songs have been released by Christian artists:

A couple of my recent favorites:

Glorious Day:

and also:

God is on the Move

Those songs will get your blood pumping on a Monday morning!

Praise God for His plan of redemption.

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