God is on the Move!

God is on the move!

He’s inspired some new lesson ideas for children’s church, which we are now calling Kingdom Kids Arise. It’s a morning “talk show” where we will discuss Bible truths. Some weeks will we will have object lesson demonstrations, some weeks we will interview “people from the Bible.” There will be skits and memory verses and tickets to earn prizes, as well as fun activities and crafts that tie in with the Bible lesson. Some ideas came from other sources, but the dialogue and lessons come from Scripture and from the heart. Sometimes I just have to look at a picture or read a couple of sentences, and I am inspired to write.

I wish that I were writing some fiction but right now that isn’t coming to me. And maybe it is not God’s timing for fiction right now.

A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was losing my purpose. Then I’m not sure how it transpired, but God gave me a spurt of inspiration that has progressed into an exciting new lesson series. The Woods Church is generously allowing me to use their children’s program as an outlet for putting the lessons into practice and I can see if there are any glitches or things that need to be changed. Eventually I would like to publish some of the curriculum I’ve written. But again, that will be in God’s timing.

On a sad note, I am giving notice to my day job today. Although the physical therapy helped me overcome the back and hip pain, the work that I do as a homemaker aide is hard on my back and I’m not able to do it. That means I will be looking for a job closer to home that I can do physically.

In the meantime, I’m praising God that my mind is vibrant and functioning well. I haven’t always been in a good place mentally or emotionally but am in a good season right now. I think the six or seven weeks that I was home, the first few weeks pretty much confined to my recliner, gave me the time I needed to grown in God’s grace, to slow down from life and listen for His calling.

God is good, all the time. Even through the hard times.

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