Friday Feature: One More Santa

Today’s Featured Book:

About the Book:

“One More Santa” is a Texas Christmas story about a young woman, Cassie, who is not only busy, but content with her life as a sports photographer, CEO of her family charity, The Santa House Women’s Charity, and a big help to her boisterous family. When Talent Marshall comes to town, though, his new duties to help protect the women at The Santa House during the busiest season of the year, puts him in Cassie’s path. Now, she has the opportunity to see if adding romance to her life could be her Christmas gift to herself this year.

Excerpt from One More Santa:

“He wasn’t wearing a ring.” Betty sat on a bench in the cell and held her hands out for Ruby to come sit with her. “And he was certainly a handsome one.”

Cassie shook her head. Apparently the missing niece was forgiven, and her sister was moving on to rescue something else – her love life. “Stop it.” She glared. “I am too busy for your match-making.”

Cassie wasn’t sure how she could fit filling her truck up with gas, much less dating, into her schedule these days. Between being the CEO of the Santa House, running a successful sports photography business, and helping her family with the diner or with chauffeuring her niece from one archery tournament to another, her plate was full. And she was content with her plate as it was.

“Well, somebody has to do it. You’re certainly not helping yourself out in that department. When was the last time you went on a date?”

Just as Betty asked the question the same officer that rescued Ruby appeared in the doorway. Cassie cringed. She shot a stern glance at Betty and covered her face with her hand.

Once he was gone, Cassie gave Betty the side-eye. “Really? Betty, why? Why do you have to do that?” Cassie sank onto the bench and covered her face with her hands.

“If it makes you feel better,” Betty spoke cautiously in a low tone, “I don’t think he noticed the dirt streak on your face.”

About the Author:

Delaina Netherland Smiley is an East Texas native, who lives in the country with her husband, her three fun teenagers/young adult children, and a house full of dogs. She’s a Community Engagement Coordinator for CASA for Kids of East Texas by day, a writer by night, and a hobby photographer whenever she gets the chance. Her favorite genre of books is, of course, romance (faith-based, military, contemporary and historical), but her music playlist is oddly eclectic (at least, according to her children). She loves to go fishing at the lake and she can’t get enough of watching her children excel in their own varied talents and ambitions. She also enjoys being the next-door aunt and loves time spent with her tight-knit family, who serve up all the creative inspiration she could ever need.


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