Cat Tails: Christmas Nuisance

This is our Christmas tree. I think it turned out very pretty, but you might ask, where are all the ornaments?

Since we put our tree up on Christmas Eve, I only put a dozen or so ornaments on it.

Why did we wait so late to set it up?

Technically, we set it up a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Then this happened:

My sister asked if we were decorating for Halloween:

As we set up the tree the first time, we realized why all of the lights on the prelit tree weren’t working.

The cats had apparently chewed through the cords last year or while it was in storage.

It only took 6 hours for the two cats to knock the tree down (still undecorated).

After they brought it to the floor, we considered not having a tree this year. Then we decided to put it up at the last moment possible. I bought a couple of strands of lights and we added garland that I had saved in the Christmas decorations. I put a few of my favorite ornaments on it, nothing that would break if the tree “happened” to fall.

The decorated tree might have intimidated the cats, or maybe they’d lost interest by then. For whatever reason, they left it alone, and we had a pretty tree to put our presents under.

Cats-what a nuisance. lol.

We like them, anyway.