Baskets Full of Books Event

I’d like to take the time today to tell you about a great group that I have been a part of since December 2019: The Christian Women Writers.

Here is an introduction from their website:

First, a word about who we are. Our founder, Jen Gentry, established Christian Women Writers to create a caring and loving Christian environment that provides support to women of faith in their writing. With our combined resources, we can assist each other in our efforts to bring a light into the dark world in which we live.
As Christians, we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is our source of truth. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, came as a man but was still fully God. He was tempted but lived without sin, died, was buried, and rose again as the perfect sacrifice for sin. He lives today to intercede for us.
The book you promote with us need not be overtly Christian, but it should be a clean read that is not offensive to the Christian faith. In addition, we request that promoting authors behave in a manner that is loving, caring, supportive, and kind. CWW’s Code of Conduct goes into more detail.

Also from the website:

The goal for this promotion is to build bridges of friendship with Christian women readers. As you know, Christian women face a bewildering array of reading choices. Where can they find compelling, entertaining, and thoughtful fiction that is supportive of their Christian worldview? Books that do not contain offensive language and/or sexual scenes? Amazon categories labeled “Christian” are no guarantee!

Basically, these readers are asking, “Whom can I trust?”

This is where we come in. Our Facebook parties give readers the opportunity to meet authors through chatty interaction and games. We want readers to enjoy our events, and to return again and again. Not because we have book ads blasting, but because our authors are likeable and engaging and fun. And also because readers can win eBooks and learn about special sales and other stuff.

Keep in mind that once Christian readers find an author they enjoy, they are incredibly loyal. Your job is to create trust and good feelings through friendly exchange. Book sales will come later.

All hosting takes place in this Facebook group: Free Christian Books and More. During the party, you will be given the ability to post. A moderator will be hovering in the background, should you run into any trouble.” (The Christian Women Writers)

As a reader, I’ve run into into “Christian” books on Amazon that had some shocking scenes and language that I didn’t expect for that genre. As stated above, it’s hard to find new authors that I can trust to present romance that has a Christian worldview.

As an author, I have participated in the Free Books and More events and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have become acquainted with readers and garnered interest in my books. The events are fun to host and participate in.

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