Friday Feature: Serena’s New Year’s Wish

Cozy up this New Year’s Eve with a warm holiday novella.

Author’s inspiration:

When I wrote the first book, Angelica’s Christmas Wish, I was reluctant to end the story. Mark and Serena had connected with one another and fallen in love, as they returned to their faith on Christmas Eve. I decided to write a sequel because I wanted to know what happened to Mark and Serena next. Their story continues in this novella, Serena’s New Year’s Wish.

About the book:

When Serena Cole came to Chicago for a fresh start, she never imagined she’d save a little girl from getting hit by a car, or that her new boss would turn out to be the little girl’s father. Now, Serena must decide if she can work for the man she’s quickly falling in love with. Her heart has plenty of room for Mark and his daughter, but she wants more than he’s willing to give, and that could very well be a dealbreaker for her.

Mark Harper never wanted a second chance at love—until Serena came into his life. He’s certain she’s the one, but when she asks for the one thing he can’t give her, he’s not so certain of their future. Can he let go of his fear and give Serena the one thing she wants above all else, or will his inability to budge drive her away forever?


On Christmas morning, Serena Cole sat on the sofa in the home where she’d spent the last two nights. When she’d woken up in the hospital three days ago, she hadn’t remembered where she was, or her own name. She’d been told that she’d run out in front of a car to push a little girl to safety, ending up with a broken collarbone and amnesia. When she was released from the hospital the next morning, Mark, the child’s widowed father, had brought her here to his home that he shared with his former mother-in-law.

Fortunately, the amnesia had been temporary. Last night, on Christmas Eve, Serena had remembered her name and the circumstances that had brought her from North Carolina to Chicago. She’d come to start a new job, escaping her sorrowful past and starting over fresh. They were all surprised to find out that Mark was the lawyer she’d been hired to work for. At one time, she would have thought meeting Mark and his family was a coincidence. Now, she believed God had brought her here.

She stole a glimpse at Mark, who was looking back at her. The tenderness in his smile caused a flutter in her heart that she hadn’t experienced since becoming a widow three years earlier. She glanced back toward the little girl she’d saved. Angelica had broken her arm, but that was her only injury. Angelica was playing with her new doll. Watching Angelica open her gifts this morning had brought back memories of Serena’s daughter, Maggie. She’d bought Maggie a farm set for her beloved horses. Maggie had squealed with delight, much as Angelica had this morning when she opened her doll. Serena hadn’t known that would be the last Christmas she’d have with her daughter.

She sighed and felt a warm hand wrap around hers. “Are you feeling okay?” Mark asked. “You look sad.”

“I was remembering my daughter. Angelica reminds me so much of her.”

Download it today on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited and enjoy this holiday romance.

It is also available in paperback.


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