Good Wednesday Morning

Good Wednesday Morning 12-29-21.

I know, I usually do a Monday morning post. This week, after a busy holiday weekend, I spent Monday resting and reading.

Loss of a couple of people I cared about came in December. A heaviness set in as the holiday approached. Fortunately, my kids helped me get the house ready and prepared for the holiday. I couldn’t have done any of it without their help.

It’s nice to have adult children who show me their love by acts of service and gifts. I appreciated both their hard work and the presents they gave me.

They gifted me with a coffee pot that has a 12 cup carafe on one side and a one-cup serving on the other side. Instead of a Keurig and K-cups, it uses your own coffee grounds. My son’s girlfriend gifted me with flavored coffees.

I hate to think how many cups I drank over the weekend as I tested out that one-cup pot and all the different flavors. I had a hard time going to sleep, and it’s no wonder with all the caffeine in me.

I think that’s why I slept in Monday and stayed in my pajamas so long, reading on my Kindle. A chance to recuperate from my lack of sleep and the busyness of preparing and clean up.

I went back to work this morning. I have two more days of housecleaning and then I get a paid holiday on New Year’s Eve, so a three-day weekend. I’m planning to undecorate.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions per se, but I always take this time at the end of the year to think about what I can do differently to improve my lifestyle. I have neglected taking care of myself physically since before Thanksgiving, so it gives me a fresh start to get back into better eating and exercise habits.

I’ve neglected my spiritual self, also. Instead of starting every day with time in devotions and in the Word, I’ve drank a lot of coffee and spent a lot of time on social media.

I think it all goes together. If I am putting God first, then I become disciplined in other areas of my life as well. As I yield to His will, I am able to say no to the things that are harmful and commit to better choices.

I sat down to write this post and the hymn “Fill Me Now” came to mind. The words,

“Hover o’er me Holy Spirit, bathe my trembling heart and brow; fill me with Thy hallowed presence; come o come and fill me now.”

How appropriate those words are as I contemplate where I’ve been in the past few weeks and where I am headed in the New Year. I’m posting a link to the lyrics video below. I hope it touches your heart and encourages you as it did me.


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