Christmas Joy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and it’s often the loneliest.

…When two cups of hot coffee on a Christmas morning turns into one…

…When there is one less name on the presents under the tree…

…When the shadows of Christmas past dim the light of Christmas present…

…When there is one less place setting around the table…

…When there is only one name signed at the bottom of the card where there used to be two…

For those who have lost a loved one, the joy and peace wished on the sentiments of the Christmas cards may be hard to come by.

No one’s life is untouched by sorrow, and we all handle the holidays differently. But there is one thing that remains the same:

God is the God of Hope. He is the Light of the World. His Presence offers us Peace.

He can understand what we are going through because he experienced death and loss as well.

The baby who was born in the manger to be raised up as a sacrifice for the sin of the world. For three days, the earth mourned the loss of our Savior, until the dawning of the day of Resurrection.

God can breathe new life into our lonely places. We can find something to smile about in our cherished memories or the innocent laughter of a child.

In 2012, two years after my husband’s passing, I found something to be joyful about during the holiday season. This post came up on my Facebook memories so I thought I would share it here.

I hope it brings a smile to your face and offers you a measure of hope. There is joy after heartache. And there is joy in the midst of heartbreak. God does that for us when we lean on Him.

Christmas Joy

(Written in 2012)

So, I was feeling sorry for myself tonight. Losing Pat, facing the holidays without him. Looking around and trying to clear out the clutter so I could put up the tree and decorations. Then I got a call that I had won a door prize from a holiday open house. A set of wine glasses. For those of you who know me, that is something of a joke. I’ve never drank wine, or any alcohol, and have never served it in my home. My kids thought it was pretty cool, so I went and picked up the glasses. After I got home, I found a necklace in the box with another person’s name tag on it, someone else who had won the necklace in a door prize. Even though it was dark and I don’t like driving in the dark, I decided to take the necklace back to the person who gave me my glasses, and she thanked me for it. I was still feeling a little down, so I drove the long way around and went towards town. I listened to music, sang along with Silent Night, and tears streamed down my face. Sometimes the loss is overwhelming. I turned the cornerand saw some beautiful Christmas lights on houses, and that lifted my spirits. The town was lit up with lights. I had a coupon for a free McCafe drink, so I went through the drive thru and bought something for the kids, and picked up my free mocha. There were still tears on the way home, and I just let them fall. I sang whatever songs came to mind, mostly old hymns and some Spanish choruses. Somehow I started to sing the chorus of We Three Kings (Star of Wonder, Star of Night). And I remembered how my sisters and I would sit at the piano in the basement while Becky played the song, and we each sang our verse. My verse was Frankinsence (Probably spelled that wrong.) It was a happy memory, and it made me laugh. I thought how true it is that God can turn our sorrow into joy. He showed me that as I drove in a circle tonight, taking the necklace back, going through town and coming home. He gave me something to laugh about, and a feeling of joy to break up the gloom. God is so good.


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