Friday Feature: Courage to Trust

With harvest season behind us and the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I thought this would be a good time to introduce book 2 of my historical series, Legacy of Courage. Courage to Trust is the second book in this story about a young widow and the hired hand who befriends her.

Here is a summary of the story:

Adam’s dreams are changing.

Instead of going away to the university, he decides he wants to be a farmer after all.

His family isn’t happy with his decision, but it feels right to Adam. He asks Cara if he can continue working as her hired hand after harvest.

Cara wants Adam to stay, but for the wrong reason. Her feelings for Adam are growing, and she is afraid he will discover what she holds in her heart. Yet she needs help for the winter months, so she agrees to keep Adam employed.

Then tragedy strikes, altering their plans.

Courage to Trust is only available on Kindle right now but I hope to have it published in paperback in the near future.

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