Meet the Author: Katy Eeten

Today I’m interviewing Katy Eeten, author of five published books including her recently released Christmas novella, Wrong Turn Christmas. Katy, thank you for joining me today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I am a wife of 19 years, a mom of two boys, Team Lead of the Account Administration Department at my company, and an author of five published books. I love to write, read, go for walks and bike rides, dine out with my family, and play board games with my kids. I live in southeast Wisconsin, where I hibernate for most of the winter. I also love to travel and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

What is your book about?

April is desperate to eliminate her dad’s cancer bills so her family can enjoy the holidays. But, on her way to get legal assistance, she ends up at the wrong house. There, she finds a warm and caring soul… but a boyfriend won’t solve her family’s financial issues.

Jake is surprised to find a beautiful woman on his doorstep asking for help. It’s a case of mistaken identity, but after spending just a little time with April, he knows they are perfect for each other—even if she does have bad taste in football teams. Except April is facing an uphill battle, and he believes he has nothing of real value to offer. Or does he?

One wrong turn might just end up turning a Christmas crisis into a Christmas miracle.

What is the inspiration behind your story?

I can’t remember where I first got the overall story idea from, but after it started taking shape, I definitely drew from my own experiences with my dad, who also battled cancer when I was around April’s age. The way April felt, the issues her parents faced, the frequent hospital visits – it was all something I was very familiar with.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

I like to say that I’m neither but that as a working mom, I’m forced to be both. That said, I am much more likely to be alert and productive early in the morning than I am late at night!

Who was your favorite character to create?

I really enjoyed creating April. She finds herself in an uncomfortable situation a few times throughout this book, so I had fun showing how she responds. But I also related to her as a new adult dealing with some serious family health issues.

How did you come up with the names of your hero and/or heroine?

The name of the hero was actually an important element in this book, as there is a case of mistaken identity that revolves around his name. I had to use a name that could be shortened so that the mix-up was more likely and so that there weren’t two characters with the exact same name. That’s how I decided on Jake (aka Jacob).

Are you a plotter or a panster?

I’m a mixture of both. I typically have one scene or concept prepared ahead of time, and then start typing to see where the story takes me. Once I’m in the flow, I start to think ahead to where I want the story to go and will type out a general outline of sorts. But I’m flexible in changing things up as the plot develops.

Who was the first person you allowed to read your completed book?

I sent it to my mom and sister at the same time. They’re great about offering honest but non-judgmental feedback and encouragement, and they are my target audience. I also had my brother read it, and believe it or not I even read it to my kids!

What’s next for you as an author?

I have a completed manuscript that’s a little different from my norm. It’s still a contemporary Christian romance, but it follows four intertwining love stories from six points of view (all former college friends) instead of the standard two. I haven’t yet submitted it to any publishers, but I hope to soon. We’ll see how that goes!

Where can readers find you online?





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