Cats and puzzles: What’s up with that?

My kids like to do jigsaw puzzles on the dining room table. For some reason, that attracts the cats. We keep a bottle of water nearby to spray them when they jump up there, but sometimes they are too cute and I take pictures first. Here are some of the latest:



Of course, Ash, also known as the Tiny Terror, had to lay down and roll around, messing up the puzzle. Isn’t she cute, though?

Since all of our cats are rescues, I didn’t pick any of them, they just showed up. However, if I have to pick a favorite, it would be Elsa, below. She is a cuddler. She sleeps on my bed at night and likes to be beside me otherwise. I picked her up after I took this picture and held her for a few minutes. Having a warm, snuggly cat to hold and bury my face in its fur made my bad day seem a lot better.


Cats can be characters, but what would I do without them now? They bring joy to us.


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