Wednesday Pop-Up: Giveaway

Autumn: a season of change

I love the colors and scents of fall. I miss the days of watching my sons play football and listening to my daughter in the marching band. Hot chocolate, nachos, sitting on the bleachers cheering them on.

I love the changing colors of the leaves outside my windows.

I like going to the apple orchard. I especially enjoy apple cider and pumpkin spice donuts.

Do you know what I also love about fall? God’s grace is evident in the changing of seasons. The words, “this too shall pass” brings to mind the fact that we go through seasons in our lives. Childhood, young adulthood, career establishment, weddings, becoming parents—seasons that bring us joy.

Then we might go through seasons that bring us sorrow—loss of a career, a spouse through death or divorce, financial hardships.

God is with us in the good seasons, and He is especially near to us in the seasons of heartache.

I lost my husband in 2010 after only 20 years of marriage. We were in our mid-forties. I thought I would never get past the grief.

However, that season of grief has passed because of the gifts of a loving and supportive family, a network of good friends, a church family who prayed for me, a counselor to help me through the especially dark times.

I will always miss my husband, as if a part of me has been amputated (C.S. Lewis).

But I’ve found joy in life again. As an expression of that joy, I welcome you to participate in a giveaway for a copy of my novella.

What is your favorite part of fall?

A. Color change of leaves

B. Football

C. Marching Band

D. Youth Hunt

E. Pumpkin spice anything

F. Apple orchard

Go to my Facebook author page to post your answer for a chance to win.


A signed copy of my novella (or outside the continental U.S., a Kindle version of same.)


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