Hello September

Back to school, football, hot chocolate and marching band. Those are what I think of when I think of September.

One of my favorite memories is going to the high school football games with my sister, who was older and in marching band. I’d buy hot chocolate and sit in the bleachers. I’d pretend that I was a high schooler. I loved the atmosphere, the chilly weather and hot drink, but it was the atmosphere that I liked the best.

When I got in high school, I hung out with my friends at the games. But none of those games holds the nostalgia that those early football games do.

As a parent, I watched both of my sons play football and my daughter play in the marching band. I went to the home games and enjoyed them. One year all three kids were in the homecoming parade, and that was a joy to watch.

Now that they are all grown and no longer in school or sports, I sometimes long for the days when I can sit in the bleachers and cheer on the games and the band.

Maybe that’s why my Hometown Pride series means so much to me.

The first book in the series is about the high school quarterback and the valedictorian who connect at their 15-year class reunion. Both widowed with children the same ages, they find more in common now than they had back then. And there is an undeniable spark between them.

May I have this Dance is the first book in the Hometown Pride series. Each Saturday, I will publish a chapter here on my blog, as I did the previous book.

You should know that this series is not Christian fiction. However, it is a sweet romance that doesn’t contradict my faith.

I hope you will stop by on Saturday, September 4 for the first chapter in

May I have this Dance.

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