Friday Feature: Dear Maddie

About the book:

Maddie is a love lorn columnist for a newspaper.  She is asked to run a contest where one of her readers wins a date with her as the prize.  She thinks it’s a lark, but when she has to pick a winner it’s not as easy at it seemed to be.  Especially when she’s finding she attracted to the top three.  How will she ever choose?


“Since Jason had reminded me, I went through the few emails we’d received so far to the initial question and set two of them to run in Thursday’s column. They were lame, weak and not enticing  I ended the column with a few scathing words:

Really guys? I guess no one really wants a date with me if this is all I’ve

got to go on. Let’s crank it up a little, shall we? Get my attention!

I went home, seriously debating showing up for work the next day.  As I walked into the foyer of my apartment building, I remembered there was a quart of my favorite triple chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

I turned the corner to my office—there wasn’t any stranger with flowers. There was Tonya and Brent standing outside my door, holding a stack of what looked like envelopes and laughing.

I rolled my eyes and pushed through the two of them to open my door. I tossed my purse and coat in a pile then plopped down on my chair, and suddenly realized that my keyboard had a couple of envelopes that looked suspiciously like mail.

I looked up at Tonya and Brent as they stood in the doorway, awaiting my reaction.

“We got actual mail?”  I didn’t count the few emails we’d gotten the day before as mail.

They both grinned. “Oh, yeah.”

Brent handed Tonya his stack and she walked over, dumping the envelopes on top of the ones already on my keyboard. “Here’s a couple more and we’ve also been getting more emails.”

I stared at the letters in delight and shock. I’d been saved. I wasn’t going to have to leave town in shame… Someone actually wanted to date me. Or, they wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.

“Dear Maddie,” I read out loud. “What is your idea of a romantic date?What a pathetic question. Of course that’s a question a girl would pick. What about what a guy would think of? Like what’s your favorite food or sport—” I crumpled the letter in my hand, wishing the guy’s face was there instead.

Tonya grinned wryly before reading hers. “Dear Maddie. I think this is a strange way to get a date, but hey, I’m good for a night out on someone else’s dime. I’ve always thought you were a fox, so here’s my answer. My idea of a romantic date is a dinner for two out of the back of my pickup truck overlooking the Columbia River Gorge with the sun setting over the water. After dinner, it would be off to a drive-in theater with great seating, popcorn and soda and the stars overhead. My pickup is cool… “ her voice trailed off.

About the author:

G. Parker has been writing since she was 12.  She loves anything dark chocolate, romance stories, romantic movies, her husband and family, painting, reading almost anything, and cooking when she has a chance.  She has self-published a series called The Hibiscus Ladies; illustrated a book called Sorry the Stork Takes No Returns, and can be found selling her art and books at various locations around the state of Utah.

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