Cat Tails: The Kids

Two years ago this month, I looked out the sliding glass door into the backyard and saw some little kitten heads peeking out from under the garage. The stray black cat who’d been hanging around our garage for a few months had given birth to a litter of five. My kids made friends with them.

My son decided to keep one of the kittens and brought Stormy into the house. Then a few weeks later we brought the other four in to train them for the litterbox and find homes for them. We named them Ash, Lila, Socks and Jasper.

We found a home for Lila, and unfortunately, Socks died a short time later.

We couldn’t find homes for the other two, so now Ash and Jasper are part of our household as well as Stormy.

My daughter labeled those three: The Kids.

Stormy is the long-haired black cat. My son chose him as the one we were going to keep. He likes to take him out on the deck in the sunshine, where he rolls around contentedly. (He also likes to wake me up some mornings by licking my hands.)

Jasper is the long-haired tiger-striped one. He likes my daughter the best and follows her around. (He likes to nip at her feet.)

We originally called Ash the Tiny Terror. She jumped up on everything. Recently she gained a few pounds. She isn’t as active as she used to be. She doesn’t like to be held, but when we pick her up, she purrs loudly. She just wants to get back down out of our arms quickly.

The three of them still chase each other around and play-fight. They don’t often sleep in the same spot, but here is a recent picture of the trio.

The Kids have become special to all of us. They require time, attention and money, but we value them as our pets.

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