Friday Feature: A Doctor’s Promise

Laura Scott’s Lifeline Air Rescue series is one of my favorites. The characters and plots are fiction, but they are so life-like that it feels you are right there with them. First responders are true heroes and this series does them justice.

Author’s Inspiration:

I am a trauma ICU nurse by background and was offered the opportunity to do a ride along with our very own Flight For Life. It was amazing and I enjoyed learning about the trials and tribulations of providing care while up in the air. The idea for this series was born and I hope you enjoy reading about the crew at Lifeline as much as I enjoyed writing about them.  

About the book:

Dr. Jared O’Connor has given his parents a promise–to find his dead brother’s fiancee and child. But his mission is derailed when he meets beautiful flight nurse Shelly Bennett. The sadness in her eyes, mirrors his own, and he is drawn to her and to her young son in a way he’s never experienced before. 
Shelly can’t afford to be distracted by Jared’s attention. Her son’s upcoming testing may confirm he has kidney failure–there’s no room for anything else in her life. But when Jared uncovers the truth, she realizes her days of running from the past are over. But can she forgive Jared long enough to accept his love?


Symptoms range from stunted growth to multisystem organ failure and ultimately death.

The words echoed over and over in her mind like a mantra. Flight nurse Shelly Bennett slipped unnoticed from the debriefing area, seeking the relative peace and quiet of Lifeline’s lounge. She sank onto the sofa and rubbed a hand over her gritty, bloodshot eyes. Nausea still churned in her stomach four days after learning about her five-year-old son’s abnormal lab values. As a result of hearing the news, she’d stayed up late every night, surfing online and devouring every bit of information she could find on pediatric renal failure.

            She closed her eyes against an overwhelming surge of helplessness. Please, God, he’s just a little boy. Please keep Tyler healthy.

            “Good morning.”

            Her eyes snapped open at the deep male greeting. A tall, blond-haired stranger with a square jaw and brilliant blue eyes, wearing a one-piece navy blue flight suit exactly like hers, stood a few feet away. Shelly frowned and quickly stood. Who was this guy? Had she missed something over the past few days in her concerned haze over Ty?

            The stranger didn’t seem to notice her confusion. “Ah, I was hoping to find fresh coffee here.”

            “Good morning, Jared.” Kate, one of her fellow flight nurses, entered the debriefing room. Fluffing her short blond curls, Kate stepped forward with a bright smile. “How was your move from Boston? Are you finally settled?”

            “I still have things in boxes, but for the most part, I’m moved in. The condo is very nice and affordable compared to Boston.” He helped himself to a cup of coffee from a pot on a nearby counter, then turned toward Shelly, extending his free hand. “I don’t believe we’ve met. Jared O’Connor, new Medical Director here at Lifeline Air Rescue.”

            Oh yes, she remembered now. Shelly nodded and forced a smile as she took his hand in greeting. Despite her worry over her son, a tingle of awareness skipped down her spine as she shook hands with her new boss. Dr. Jared O’Connor’s palm radiated a gentle strength as it held hers, and she found herself oddly reluctant to let go.

            His distinct East Coast accent reminded her of Ty’s father’s family, especially since Mark’s last name had been O’Connor, too. She’d encountered one other O’Connor in recent years, no relation to Mark. This was likely the same situation, but the coincidence jolted her just the same.

            Abruptly nervous, she cleared her throat. “Shelly Bennett, Flight Nurse. Pleased to meet you, Dr. O’Connor. Welcome to Lifeline.”

            “I’m happy to be here, but please, call me Jared.” He eyed her over the rim of his cup. “Shelly. You’re one of the pediatric nurses, aren’t you?”

            She flushed at his intent perusal, wondering if she’d somehow betrayed her unexpected flash of awareness. “Yes.”

            “Good to hear, my expertise is pediatrics, too. Explains why we’ve been paired to fly together.”

            “Great.” Shelly tried to hide her inner dismay. This was the worst time for her long-ignored hormones to wake up over some man. There was only room for one male in her life, her son Tyler. Unfortunately, Lifeline was small enough to make avoiding the handsome doctor difficult. Knowing they both worked pediatrics made it practically impossible. Being stuck in the sardine-like confines of the helicopter with Jared O’Connor was a complication she didn’t need.

About the author:

Laura Scott is a Registered Nurse by day and an author by night. She has written over 70 books and has more ideas than time to write! Laura lives in Wauwatosa Wisconsin with her husband of 35 years and babysits for her son’s puppy, a Red Fox Labrador Retriever named Otis.

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