Vacation Photos

I apologize for messing up the photos on last Monday’s post. I tried to copy them from Facebook and I guess that isn’t how it works. I uploaded them all this time. If they did show up somehow last week, then these photos are a repeat. However, I wanted to share with you some of the beauty of the area we visited.

Lavender Farm Terraza di Lavanda, Leelanau Michigan

We stayed in a B&B on a lavender farm. It was a beautiful setting and very tranquil. I enjoyed early mornings looking out over the lake and watching the sunset at night.

We rented an SUV with a navigation system that my son became a pro at. We toured Sleeping Bear Dunes on a one-way paved drive up-up-up to a lookout, then down-down-down around curves and one very steep hill back to the main entrance. The view was worth the white knuckles.

We visited a place called Fishtown. The history of the town is on the photo below. The building is a lodge that is built on the water. It was a great place to pick up souveniers at the little shops. We ate at a restaurant outside on the patio. My son got a fish entree, but my daughter and I weren’t quite as brave. He said it was very good.

There’s a historic Coast Guard station and community in Glen Haven. That was probably the most fascinating part of the trip for me. The image of the brave men who rowed out into the waters and rescued people started the wheels turning in my head. What a great series that would make. It would take a lot of research though, and I have several other projects I’m working on.

When we drove out of the Leelanau Peninsula, we stopped by a historic landmark called Point Betsie Lighthouse. We toured the lowel level of the lighthouse. I didn’t try and go up the spiral stairs to the lookout. I did that at a lighthouse a few years ago and became claustrophobic. There was a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, though and I enjoyed the historical aspect.

On the way home, we stopped at a place where an artist, Gwen Frostic, created and printed wildlife on notecards and stationery. Years ago, I attended a writing workshop and she was one of the instructors. We toured her print shop at the time. When my husband and I honeymooned near that town, we also visited the shop. This time I took my kids there for the nostalgia. We found some beautiful mugs with her art on them.

It was a great time of bonding with my adult children and a refreshing change of pace and scenery. I’d like to go back someday.

Our dog and cats were glad to see us come home. They had good care while we were gone, but we could tell they missed us.


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