Cat Tails: Dumbo

The star of this month’s Cat Tail is Dumbo, my brother’s cat. Dumbo is a 2-year-old Flame Point Siamese male. I asked my brother if he would share some photos and interesting details about Dumbo, who is very unique.

Dumbo is very friendly even to strangers. He greets everyone by walking around their feet and laying on his back for a short belly rub.

Dumbo likes to go outside. He gets up and sits on my laptop and stares at me to let me know he’s ready for us to go out.

Dumbo follows me everywhere outside in the yard like a dog. He even comes when I call. Climbs on everything, trees, cars,the house roof. He understands the word “No” and stops and sits down when you tell him no if I’m opening the door but want him to stay inside.

I give him rides in the wheelbarrow. He enjoys that and even jumps in by himself sometimes.


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