Three Generations of May Birthdays

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I have the honor of being the third generation of women in my family who were born in the month of May. In fact, we have the unique blessing of being born in order of my maternal grandmother on May 24, my mom on May 25, and myself on May 26. For most of my life, we celebrated the three birthdays together.

Both my mom and grandma have passed on, but their legacy remains. They both raised five children. Both loved the Lord and loved others unconditionally. I learned how to laugh and love from them.

I also learned how to face death with dignity. My grandma, near the end of her life, told me, “I don’t have anything against anyone.” My mom, when faced with her imminent dying, said, “I’m sad, but I’m ready.” Their faith, tested by the fires of life’s trials and proven true, allowed them to face death with peace.

To be a part of the trio of birthdays, in the company of these magnificent women, brings joy to me. I have wonderful memories of them both. I look forward to the day when we will all be reunited and spend our birthdays in heaven.


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