Friday Feature: Paper Wolf

Today’s featured book is the new YA release by Chrissy Dennis. This book ties in with our monthly theme of “Family.” It is about an eleven-year-old girl in foster care who is placed with a family that shows her love and acceptance.

About the book:

Happily-ever-after doesn’t exist for kids like Gracie—or does it? 

Gracie Anderson may only be eleven, but five years in foster care has taught her that happy endings don’t exist in the real world, not for kids like her anyway. And she’s convinced this next foster home will be just as bad as all the others.  

Except… it’s not.  

The Barkmans are completely different from any family she’s ever known—and she doesn’t trust them one bit because no one is that understanding and compassionate. But no matter how hard Gracie pushes against them, how rude, rebellious, and disrespectful she is toward them, they consistently come back at her with faith, love, and acceptance. And when Gracie’s mom decides not to come back for her, the Barkmans welcome her as one of their own, proving that even someone as damaged as Gracie deserves the love of God and a family.  


“Gracie, stop!”

But Gracie was already smashing everything in sight with a rickety board. The windows shattered. The whole car rocked as she whacked old boards against the walls. Dust flew as she kicked at old barrels. Larry shouted at her, but she didn’t listen. Fury burned her insides as she wreaked havoc on the abandoned boxcar, just like the news of her mother wreaked havoc on her soul. Larry hopped out of the boxcar, maybe to give her space, or maybe because he didn’t want to get hurt.

Or maybe because he knew better than to get in the middle of a Gracie Anderson fit.

A wave of dizziness crashed into her. She dropped the board, swaying. Splinters stabbed her palms. That was nothing compared to the pain inside. The abandonment, the betrayal, the anger swelled like a balloon, and she couldn’t contain it.

As Larry reached into the train car to take her hand, the little energy Gracie had left rose from the pit of her belly, and she let out a howl that echoed off every abandoned train car in the wreckage yard.

About the author:

Chrissy M. Dennis lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her foster daughters and calico kitty.  She is a full-time mom and a part-time administrative assistant for Renovaré Canada. Chrissy also loves to read, crochet and, of course, write, trusting the Lord will use her books for the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom through the healing work of the Gospel.  

She carries a Masters of Divinity in Youth and Family Ministry. She loves working with teens, and has felt the call of God to minister to the needs of youth in this culture. She hopes to continue writing, specifically regarding issues relevant to today’s teens, offering a message of salvation and hope. Her first novel, The Lion Cubs, received positive reviews and deals with themes of abuse and abandonment.

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