Cat Tails: Lila

In August 2019, five kittens were born to a feral cat who took refuge in our garage. We brought the kittens into the house to tame them and train them for the litterbox, so we could find homes for them. My niece Katie adopted one of the female kittens that we’d named Lila.

A couple of weeks ago, I touched base with Katie to get an update on how Lila was doing.

“Lila sleeps a lot and is scared of other people but she can be very cuddly sometimes. Sometimes she even likes to be held like a baby.”

“Lila has a companion named Peach. They are such opposites. Peach is super friendly, very vocal, and has lots of energy. I don’t have as many pictures of her because she doesn’t sit still often. She also eats a lot and wakes me up whenever she wants wet food.”

“And both of them love jumping up in the windowsill and playing together.”

Thank you, Katie, for the update on Lila and for introducing us to Peach. I’m so glad they’ve found a loving home.


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