New books for your reading list

I’ve spent a lot of time reading over the past year with the pandemic and not socializing very much. I don’t have as much time for books now that I’m working, but I still spend my off hours reading, when I’m not writing books of my own.

It isn’t always easy to find clean Christian romance when I’m searching on Kindle. Maybe you have that problem, also. The purpose for my Friday Feature is to showcase different Christian books that I’ve discovered and want to share with you.

I have a great lineup of books that I’ll be introducing you to over the next several weeks. Each Friday Feature will give you the author’s inspiration, a summary of the book, as well as an excerpt. I hope you will find the information helpful as you build your library, either in print or on Kindle.

I like both, but you’ll find me reading from the Kindle app on my phone most days. The lighted screen is a little easier on my eyes than a printed book. But there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands, curled up on the deck, listening to the sounds of nature as you lose yourself in a story.

For the rest of April, my Friday Feature theme will be Christian romantic suspense.

In May, the theme is Family. We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day as well as featuring a book about characters who grew up in foster care and created a family of their own.

June’s theme is all about Romance. I have some very popular Christian authors lined up who have graciously agreed to let me feature their books.

In July, the theme is Heroes, appropriate for a month when we’re celebrating patriotism.

The best part about my Friday Features is that all of the books in the coming months are Christian fiction. I hope you will find the features informational and a help to you in deciding what books add to your reading list.

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