Friday Feature: Cold Creek Mountain

This month’s theme is “SPRING BREAK.” Today we’re taking a break from our daily routine and traveling back in time for a look at our featured book, Cold Creek Mountain, a Christian historical romance by Jamie Adams.

The author’s inspiration:

“When I sat down to write Cold Creek Mountain, I wanted to explore the concept that opposites attract. So, I created characters with nothing in common. I took a refined city girl and a rough around the edges cowboy and threw them into a situation where they had to be within close proximity for days on end. Their life experiences are quite different. One grew up in a loving family and the other felt alone and unwanted. How they respond to events is like night and day. They both have scars they try to keep covered but once they share their pain they discover a soul mate.  I wasn’t sure if it would work and was prepared to change things up if they didn’t mesh well, but actually they are perfect for each other.” 

About the book:

Lilly Fletcher’s last duty to her recently deceased employer is to deliver his orphaned grandchildren from Omaha, Nebraska to their uncle on Cold Creek Mountain. The final step of the journey requires securing a guide, which is not an easy task for a governess who prides herself on being independent.

Ex-scout Hayden Dawson has been grieving the tragic loss of his family for several years. When he’s asked to take a fancy governess from the city along with her wards up the mountain, he refuses at first since he has a ranch to run. However, outnumbered, by his foreman and his meddling childhood teacher, he’s coerced out of retirement for one last trip.

When the ride up Cold Creek Mountain doesn’t go as planned, can these two wounded hearts work together to protect the children? Can Lilly find the strength to leave her wards behind or does God have a better path for her future?


“My young wards and I need a guide to help us find their uncle on Cold Creek Mountain. Mrs. May and others in town have recommended you.”

Hayden held the napkin to his mouth and coughed to clear his throat. He nodded his thanks when Mrs. May handed him a glass of water. If he’d paid more attention to the cook’s prattle earlier, he might have a clue as to what this stranger was going on about. “You and your—what’s?”

“I’m the governess for three children who until last month were in the care of their grandfather.” The woman continued to explain her situation as if she believed they’d already made a deal. “Mr. Mason passed away after a bout with pneumonia. The children and I have traveled all this way so I can deliver them to their uncle.”

Hayden took another gulp of cold water. “Why doesn’t their uncle come after them himself?” What sort of man would leave it to a defenseless woman to take children into the rugged mountains?

“Mr. Rucker doesn’t know the children’s grandfather passed away, and we have no way to contact him.”

“And yet you believe he’s somewhere on Cold Creek Mountain?”

“I know for a fact he is.” There was more than a bit of starch in her speech. “He’s been there for the past three years.”

Hayden stared at her in disbelief. Normal folks didn’t make the mountain their home. Hunters went there for elk and deer. The more adventurous might dare to take a chance at prospecting, but those who lived on Cold Creek Mountain year-round were fur trappers, and hermits. They weren’t the type to raise a family.

About the Author:

Jamie Adams is the author of over ten Christian historical romance books as well as one children’s book. She lives in the Ozark Mountains with her husband, twin daughters and an assortment of critters. She holds a business degree and education degree from a Bible college in Indiana. She’s a graduate of Institute of Children’s literature as well as a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When she isn’t reading or writing romantic westers, she’s an ESL teacher to children in Asia. (online of course) A fan of chocolate and country music she is obsessed with reality tv shows. Married to a Jack of all trades, there’s nothing her husband can’t do.

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