Cat Tails: The Tiny Terror


She’s was so little and looked so innocent. It wasn’t long before we started calling her the tiny terror, though. Ever since she was a young kitten, she would tear through the house and climb up on all of the furniture.

She wasn’t supposed to be our cat. When the stray cat had five kittens, my younger son said he wanted to keep one of the males. My older son, who has his own house, decided that he wanted to keep Ash. Then his roommates got a new puppy, and they decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to take the kitten, too.

They were probably right, but that meant we were “stuck with” Ash.

No, that isn’t true. I really don’t feel that way about her. She’s adapted to our household and comes with her own energetic personality, which has grown on me over the past year. You could probably say she is my cat now, more than anyone else’s.

We took her in for surgery to be spayed in early December. She didn’t seem to bounce back right away. She was quiet and not prone to climbing up on the furniture or running around for several week. I missed her energy, and I was worried about her.

The other day, however, she became more like her old self. Now it’s back to causing the trouble that earned her nickname.

For better or worse, I’m glad to be “stuck with” Ash. She’s an important part of our family, and brings us smiles and laughs.

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