Guest Post by Ann Brodeur

The Movers Will Thank You: Ebooks vs Paperbacks by Ann Brodeur             

Our first home was a small two bedroom apartment. Both of us had been on our own for quite a while and trying to merge two households together was a challenge. There was a lot of purging – getting rid of the lesser quality items and keeping the newer ones. It was relatively easy to do since my husband loves to cook and his kitchen tools reflected that and I was more picky with bedding.

Our favourite past time was, and still is, reading. This presented a problem when our little family grew from two to four in a matter of a few months. There wasn’t enough space for the four of us and all of our books (or the equipment required for two littles). It was time to move into a bigger place.

Since our twins were infants, we decided to hire movers to make the transition easier.

Moving day came and the movers kept going in and out, in and out. After about twelve trips into the apartment, one mover was visibly frustrated. The boxes were heavy – but not full. They held our most prized possessions – our books. The young guy placed another box into the back of the truck and glared at my husband.

“Haven’t you heard of a tv?”

I suppose if the same mover were to help us now, he’d be a little more grateful for my collection of e-books.

I’m an old-school kind of reader. There’s nothing better than holding a paperback in my hands and losing myself in the pages. I love the smell of a new book freshly purchased from the store or receiving the first copy our local library ordered of a book I’ve been waiting to read. When we go camping, it’s a challenge to pick just one or two paperbacks to throw in my bag. I know I’ll have time to read by the lake or read under the shade while the kids are playing in the park. I also appreciate the fact I can read a book for hours without straining my eyes. It fits in my purse and it can sit in the console of my car.

I confess I do have an e-reader though. I own a KOBO and I love it too. The e-ink screen is similar to reading a paperback. The downside – I just don’t get that new book smell. However, this little device can store boxes and boxes of books. A new book comes out and I can instantly have it in my hands. If I want to read at night in our trailer while the littles are fast asleep, I can turn on the back light and read without disturbing anyone else. The battery life is incredible. I charge it before we go camping and I don’t have to charge it until a month has gone by. And I read A LOT when we’re camping.

The upside to e-books is the cost. However, I’ve been known to own both an e-copy and purchase the paperback because the book was just that good. The downside – you need to charge it. Heaven help you if you’re right at the climax of the book and your battery dies…

How about you – which do you prefer, ebook or paperback or hardcover?

Christmas novella by Ann Brodeur:

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