Friday Feature: Season of Hope

Today’s Featured Book is one of my favorite Christmas stories

About the book:

Claudia, a shopkeeper with two little sisters, is trapped in a tough neighborhood. She reluctantly falls for Nick, a naïve young pastor; he thought he’d come to save the neighborhood, but he’s watching his mission fail. When a terrible crime threatens Claudia and her sisters, she and Nick work together to protect each other and her family. They rediscover hope and embrace the future together.

Excerpt from Season of Hope:

Here’s the first meeting between Claudia and Nick, and it’s definitely not “meet cute.” In this scene, Claudia thinks her abusive stepfather Tomas has returned, and with water in her eyes, she can’t quite make out who is bending over the children…

“Take your hands off those kids.” Claudia gripped the broom handle, swung, and connected with the figure’s shoulder. The crouched figure straightened, much too tall and thin for Tomas. She swept her sleeve across her face, clearing her vision. 

Nick spun to face her as she dropped the broom.

“Oh, no, Pastor, I thought you were…”

About the author:

Laura Nelson Selinsky is a wife, mom, and multi-genre author. Currently, she writes and teaches from her home office, often with the help Graemalkyn, the world’s crankiest cat. She teaches British Literature to high school students with significant learning differences. She’s led second grade Sunday School for so long that the church’s Christian Ed professionals are the grown alumni of her ongoing class. When Laura’s not teaching or writing, she gardens in unlikely colors- yellow tomatoes, purple green beans, and edible pink flowers. In their rare-as-hen’s-teeth free hours, Laura and her husband of gazillion years are renovating their old house and their daughter’s older one. Writing contemporary romance for Anaiah has been a lovely ministry opportunity for Laura, her chance to lighten the hearts of other women through a medium she loves! 

Contact Laura Nelson Selinsky on Facebook or Twitter or at

Season of Hope and her other work is available at .  

Find Season of Hope at Season of Hope | Anaiah Press; Anaiah’s your source of wonderful Christian fiction!


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