Tuesday’s “Cat Tails”

Today’s Rescues:

Puff and Tigger

These two kittens had a rather fiery beginning. For months, we had a stray long-haired black female cat hanging around our garage and other cats. We tried to catch her to take her in to get spayed, but she ended up pregnant last spring. We knew she was close to giving birth but hadn’t seen signs of the kittens yet.

Unfortunately, a neighbor found the kittens when she started a bonfire. The mother cat had hidden her babies in the boxes that were meant to be burned. The neighbor heard the crying and immediately doused the fire. Two of the kittens were singed. One died from the injuries, and another had a bald spot. The other two were unharmed.

With the neighbor’s help, we reunited the three living kittens with the mother and kept them in our bathroom until they were weaned. We let the mother cat go back outside, as clinics were closed for spaying/neutering at that time. We posted photos on Facebook for free kittens. Only one person responded, and adopted the kitten with the bald spot. That left us with two.

We named them Tigger and Puff. We gave them lots of love and attention as we fostered and continued looking for homes for them. Tigger is a cuddler. Puff is a little mischievous. They like to play-fight together and chase each other through the house.

At four months, we took them to a clinic for spaying/neutering. Shortly after, a family member saw some photos of the kittens and decided to adopt both of them. Since the family is going on vacation this month, we will hold onto the kittens for them until they return. For these last few weeks with them, I am making sure to get all of my snuggles in and take some precious photos to remember them by.

The home they are going to will be a safe and loving place for them. I’m glad they are going together. They will bond well with their new family, and we hope they will have a long and healthy future.

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