Cover Reveal: Violet

I’m excited to bring you the cover reveal for Violet, the second book in the “I am Girl” series by Renee Lichtenhan.

About the Book

Thirteen-year-old Violet Windsor is obsessed with the rush and thrill of skateboarding through a dangerous, gang-ridden part of New York City. Certain that her high-society parents wouldn’t approve of the rough-and-tumble sport or the sketchy neighborhood, she and her best friend, Sloane, hide her secret adventures in a thick veil of lies.

When Violet’s autistic, non-verbal brother, Oliver, begins drawing pictures that reveal a mysterious knowledge of her secrets, Violet is rattled to the core. Intrigued by Oliver’s
drawings of angels, demons, and a peculiar old lady, she follows clues that lead her down a reckless path toward redemption and truth.

About the Author

Renée Lichtenhan’s “I Am Girl” novels grew out of years of working with children. Renée loves their open minds, hearts, and souls. She wanted to write engaging books that might encourage faith and virtue to take shape within that openness. She lives with her husband in Mississippi, where they raised their three grown children. Follow the author at:

Are you ready for the reveal?

Here is the cover for Violet:

Available in April 2020 in ebook and in print from


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