First Copy

I received my printed copy of Angelica’s Christmas Wish yesterday. I am so excited that Anaiah Press decided to publish it in print, not only as a Kindle version. I really like my Kindle and have an extensive library on it, but there is nothing like holding a brand new book in your hands. Especially if you wrote the book!

When I submitted my manuscript to Anaiah Press, it was a very rough draft. They were having a special for June. If you submitted a query and sample of a manuscript, an editor would give personal feedback. I had already started a Christmas story, so I hurried up and completed it and emailed it.

I expected feedback, but what I didn’t expect were the editor’s comments that she liked it and wanted to see the whole manuscript. I also didn’t expect her response upon reviewing it being that she wanted to present it to the board for approval to publish it.

A couple of weeks later, I signed a contract with Anaiah Press.

Perfect timing? I believe it was God’s perfect timing, that I was writing a Christmas story at the same time Anaiah Press was looking for them.


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